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Service - Performance - Reliability provides streaming audio and video hosting services for every application wiith unparalleled performance, service, reliability and value on a rock-solid content delivery network-all with live customer service. Learn more

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Our content delivery network sets the pace offering important advantages in data center peering points, real-time analytics, instant event provisioning, rapid content deployment, stability and other critical benefits. Custom players to get you online quick and easy.Learn more


Serving Churches & Others with Live Service Streaming &
On Demand Archiving is a Christian owned and operated company with heart to serve churches and other organizations, which means you can trust our team to bring reliable and affordable streaming services, affording you to spread your message to every local and international viewer. Now with iPad - iPhone - HTML5 Live and VOD support. Go Live in under 15 minutes.Learn more about streaming for churches

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TouchStream Media Streaming System

By Award Winner Digital Rapids Special Lease to Own $100/Month

The TouchStream multiple codec video and audio streaming system combines resnowned live streaming quality and reliability with an intuitive touch-screen interface. It’s now possible to have a fully self-contained, portable and rack mounted, easy-to-deploy, streaming media solution for any streaming application. is a full-service TouchStream dealer and we provide hardware and streaming services together or separately for flexible high quality streaming.Learn more about the TouchStream Server

Free Downoad of Wirecast now

Learn More About the Free Download of Wirecast and Live Streaming options PC and Mac

Learn How Telestream's Wirecast add that Professional Broadcast studio look to your Live Streaming events. Wirecast is considered the most robust and bullet proof streaming software available for both price and ease of use. You can litterally be up and streaming withing 5 minutes of installing the software. YourHost CDN and Wirecast make a great combination for your church or organization.

Purchase Wirecast Pro and Studio at a disount, give us a call and obtain a 5-10% discount code and more if you sign up with our Wirecast compatible Live Streaming serivce.
Call - 800 250-1507 ext 115

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JUST RELEASED! Free live streaming and video on demand media player. Now streams to HTML 5, iPad and iPhone.

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From Pastor Sam Petitifls
Sunrise Church, Rialto, CA

We recently purchased the Touchstream Unit made by Digital Rapids–thanks Yourhost for setting that up–and the unit has really delivered.... See complete testimonial & more

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